About Us

Hello! We just wanted to pop in and introduce ourselves.   
We are Kaila and Savannah and we met in Vegas when we were about 22 years old when we both began dealing Blackjack at the Pussycat Dolls Pit in Caesars Palace. We were instant best friends the moment we connected, you know, the type of friend that you can go into their closet and everything magically fits, or calling in sick and escaping to the beach for a long weekend was never much of a fight to get the other one to do. The jokes and laughs were endless, one of us always found the trouble and the other always got us out. You can decided who took on which role :) Unfortunately life happened and Savannah had to move to another state due to her husband's career...that's when our daily hang outs became phone calls that lasted hours and Sunday family dinners quickly changed into sharing recipes and photos of what we made.
As best friends who had their baby girls 3 months apart while living in different states, it was the mailing each other surprise packages and calling each other to share an experience or our baby's firsts that has kept us sane. Leaning on one another for quick meal ideas or new hacks that worked on our baby quickly became the basis of most of our conversations. That's where the Babiology Tribe was born. WE are here to connect with other new parents and be each others tribe through this adventure called parenthood.
Motherhood can be lonely, misunderstood, or plain frustrating. Our goal is to create an online community that we can share our favorite things, all the ups, downs and in-betweens with. As we make our way through motherhood, we have found that there are more and more of the sarcastic, laugh your way through life and there are no bad days but just bad moments type of moms out there. Those are our people, Our tribe.
There are a couple things you can always count on from us...
We love a good deal and we both are bargain shoppers! Babies are not cheap so any way we can make our pennies stretch we do and love to share the deals we find! We find ourselves eager to share the laugh of a mom fail, the success of a hack we learned or a recipe that our picky eaters love. We are here to help in any way we can. After all....thats what best friends do, right? 
We would love to get to know you and connect with all of our fellow tribe members so if you would like to share a recipe, a mom- hack, or a funny story please message us at support@babiology.com.
We are looking forward to this journey with you!
Have a blessed day!
Savannah & Kaila